NBA Playoffs & Eastern Orthodox Easter

NBA Playoffs & Eastern Orthodox Easter. Another timely episode of Wisecrackin comin’ at ya! Just a mere five days after some people celebrate the fable of the ascension, Mike & friends bring you some discussion of this oh-so-holy Christian holiday. Emma is here to tell you what makes ol’ Easter so special to her. Producer Paul is here to tell you how little he cares.

With that and a few other things out of the way, you get the hard-hitting dive into the world of big-time sports and all the hot tips for big-time wagering that you’ve come to expect from the Wisecrackin crew. If you hadn’t heard, the NBA Playoffs are just getting underway right now. Mark down these predictions and soon you’ll be able to judge these prognosticators’ results.

We’ll be back soon with another fantastic episode of your absolute favorite podcast.

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NBA Playoffs & Eastern Orthodox Easter

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