Mike vs. Green Beans

Mike vs. Green Beans… Mike reverts to his childhood and isn’t allowed up from the table until his plate is clean. See link to the video below or at http://getwisecrackin.com if it doesn’t appear where you download your podcasts. Mike claims he hasn’t had to eat a serving of green beans in 30 years, but today he endeavors to take down an entire can.

So, why is Mike taking on an entire can of his vegetable nemesis? It’s because his recent football gambling successes resulted in a feeling that he couldn’t lose, and he bet on the Bills to beat the Chiefs for the AFC Championship. Well, we saw how that went. And now, we get to see how Mikey eating his beans goes. Maybe he’ll just treat like a bowl of Life cereal.

Mike will make a few sports predictions, and maybe even a wager, because, well, he just can’t help himself. This seems like a good time to remind everyone of how our expert pickers did against the spread during the NFL regular season. Producer Paul was right 49% of the time. Emma hit 47.7% of her picks. New addition Justen managed to nail 43.3% of his selections. Victoria, in her one week debut went 10-5, a success rate of 66.7%. And, finally, the one you’ve been waiting for, the star of our show, the wisecracker himself: Mike Winter. Well, he didn’t come in last. Mike managed to win his picks at a rate of 46.2%. Remember, our advice is for entertainment purposes, we hope. Please gamble responsibly, or at least don’t blame us when you’re out on the street living in a cardboard box.

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Mike vs. Green Beans

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