You Say Pandemic, I Say Plandemic

You Say Pandemic, I Say Plandemic

Mike and Producer Paul have a somewhat well-rounded discussion of the latest conspiracy theories involving the Mambo #5 (aka COVID-19) pandemic. Mike recounts a converation with a new source he calls “Mr. X” (he’s the one who actually says “plandemic”). Alex Jones makes a quick appearance to explain what lengths he’ll go to in order to feed his family. It’s pretty disgusting.

Producer Paul lands a historic interview with former Vice President, former U.S. Senator, and presumptive Democratic Party nominee for the 2020 Presidential race Joe Biden. We discuss the recent allegations of sexual assault that are dogging the former V.P., how he plans to win the presidency, and how he’s weathering the pandemic.

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You Say Pandemic, I Say Plandemic

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