Bernie is Not as Bad as the Coronavirus

Bernie is Not as Bad as the CoronavirusNew Wisecrakin' - Las Vegas Trip N Paul Moves to Gilead

Bernie is Not as Bad as the Coronavirus

Is this the one you’ve been waiting for? Admit it, you’ve been up and down your dial trying to find the real facts about the ol’ coronavirus outbreak, but you just haven’t been able to find any information you can trust. Well, have we got the facts for you?! We’ve got your facts, your alternative facts, and even some new rumors about the new affliction that is taking the world by storm.

Which Democrat will win the great pleasure of getting to take on Donald J. Trump in the fall? After Super Duper Tuesday, it’s down to just Bernie Sanders, who scares Americans because he wants to change things, and Joe Biden, who worries Americans because he might not remember his own name by November. At least we can all rest assured knowing that Trump & Pence will keep us safe from the Mambo #5, err Covid 19 disease through the rest of the year.

Speaking of Bernie Sanders, what would happen if he wins and declares “Medicare For All” on Day One of his presidency? What’s the difference between Medicare and Medicaid? Does anyone know? Does anyone care? Wouldn’t you rather hear us discuss the new proposal to expand the NFL season and the number of playoff games? How about hearing whether or not to watch the top shows/movies on the ol Netflix? Don’t tune out then. It’s all right here. Thanks for listening.

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Bernie is Not as Bad as the Coronavirus

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