Yanks and Wankers

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Yanks and Wankers

That jammy bastard Mike is back, and this week he’s running up the Big G’s long distance phone bill with a call across the pond to jolly ol Ireland. Mike seeks a pot o gold, or at least some Lucky Charms, but instead he gets a lesson in deep frying corn dogs. Say what?!? That’s right. This is a very special episode folks. No boring political jibber jabber (well, except for a wee bit o Brexit talk). You know you need a break from that. So settle on in, get yourself cozy, and tune your ears in for a one-on-one with Larry Barrister, Dublin’s favorite Murrican ex-pat.

You might remember Richie Barrister, formerly a frequent contributor to Wisecrakin With Winter. Well, Richie’s been unable to make it into the Funhouse lately, but instead we’ve got his fabulous brother Larry, aka the Cranky Yankee. He shares his success story of traveling across the ocean to open a food truck.

Mike learns what’s what over on ye ol Emerald Isle. What’s the deal with Ireland and Northern Ireland? Does the Queen just rule them all? But mostly, Mike & Larry discuss fun vocabulary and cultural differences.  Oh, and even the Irish like to talk about Donald Trump, so there is some political chat after all. But mostly, that gobshite Mike learns about Irish slang terms and such. It’s a great time for all. Enjoy!

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Yanks and Wankers

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