SB LIV Recap & Why is Iowa Sooo Dang Important?

SB LIV Recap & Why is Iowa Sooo Dang Important?New Wisecrakin' - Las Vegas Trip N Paul Moves to Gilead

SB LIV Recap & Why is Iowa Sooo Dang Important?

Mike dials up Producer Paul in Indianapolis to see how he’s coming with setting up his new recording equipment. They discuss the Chiefs big comeback in the big game, and Mike finds out if Paul’s online sports betting luck has turned for the better.

As important as the football talk is the breakdown of the halftime show and the performers’ pretty outfits. Was it too risque? Was it empowering for women? Did they look like prostitutes? Did J-Lo defy physics by managing not to expose herself?

You want to hear all about the latest on the impeachment proceedings? Tune in to CNN. Instead, Mike & Paul discuss the Iowa caucus, and why it gets to be so influential by being the first nominating contest. A heated back and forth on why it should or shouldn’t get to keep its role of outsized importance.

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Googles of the Day: J-Lo Exposed Crotch  OR  Is Iowa the Most Boring State? 

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SB LIV Recap & Why is Iowa Sooo Dang Important?

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