Name That Hospital Bill Amount

Name That Hospital Bill Amount (SFW)

New Wisecrakin' - Las Vegas Trip N Paul Moves to Gilead

Name That Hospital Bill Amount

What a show! Mike channels his inner Wink Woolery as he hosts contestants Emma and Producer Paul for America’s favorite new in-podcast game show where they guess the amounts of different line items for a three-day hospitalization. No matter all the arguments we might have, every American can agree that health care in America is about the best bargain on the planet.

The gang discusses their memories of the late Kobe Bryant and brings you useless speculation about why the helicopter he, his daughter, and seven others were aboard crashed in the hills of SoCal. Emma lightens things up by giving us more schooling on the latest social media apps, ouija boards, and awesome videos on YouTube.

Hey, it’s the big football match this Sunday, the name of which nobody but official sponsors are allowed to speak. Who’s going to win? The club from western Missouri, or the squad from the southern San Francisco Bay area? Find out who the Big G is pickin! And, find out how Paul’s been doing with Indiana’s recently legalized mobile sports betting.

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Name That Hospital Bill Amount

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