Birthday Supershow in the Funhouse

Birthday Supershow in the Funhouse

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Birthday Supershow in the Funhouse

Mike’s daughter Emma is turning 14 day. So, it’s a super special birthday supershow. Emma gets to co-host and talk to all the regular Wisecrackin contributors.

Emma takes a call from Producer Paul to discuss all the current events the middle schoolers are trying to stay up to date on, like the wildfires in Australia, Democratic presidential contenders, and American foreign policy.

How about some Big G, aka Grandpa? Yep, he’s checking in from the great republic of Texas.

Victoria Herringbone reporting on… the news? Yep, Emma brings you that too, and then explains how the kids are “dating” these days.  And Mike quizzes Emma to see if he has what it takes to start a new career as a driver’s ed instructor and/or a game show host. Enjoy!


Googles of the Day: Save the Wallabies

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Birthday Supershow in the Funhouse

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