New Year’s Eve Live from the Super 8

New Year’s Eve Live from the Super 8

New Wisecrakin' - Las Vegas Trip N Paul Moves to Gilead

New Year’s Eve Live from the Super 8

This is the special episode you may or may not have been waiting for all year! Mike takes his equipment out on location to say goodbye to a great 2019 and ring in 2020. His first guest is Artist Steve who talks about his adventures in pre-9/11 New York City, being ahead of the trend on committing to a cruelty-free diet, and attending the Disco Demolition Night at old Comiskey Park.

Next up is an unidentified photographer who schools Mike on the need for taking good selfies and answers Mike’s sex ed questions.

The Big G’s secret admirer wanders in, but the exciting part for Mike is the discussion of what it’s like to live “the lifestyle”. Producer Paul gets the honor of following up that act with NFL wildcard weekend playoff picks. Find out whether he or Mike has the lighter wallet today.

Victoria Herringbone rounds thing outs with a recap of all the top stories of the entire decade. Stay tuned to see if your host can make it to midnight. Oh, and Kenny Loggins stops by to give Mike a bump into the new year.  Enjoy!


Googles of the Day: Disco Demolition

Kenny Loggins Straight Outta Folsom Prison   

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New Year’s Eve Live from the Super 8

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