The Clinton: Bill, Hill, or Paul

The Clinton: Bill, Hill, or Paul

Another big milestone for Wisecrakin’ with Winter; we have made it to Episode 41! Most people thought we wouldn’t get past the intro episode, and then past the first episode that Paul Lambie starred in, but we have made it way further than that! And, we keep inviting him back!

This week Mike and Paul discuss the Presidential Primaries, and the battle that will fuel some of the best political comedian’s satire EVER! Bill Clinton is going to bust out his saxophone before this battle is over! So, on that note, Paul got his buddy Bill to call in for a few short segments.

Mike and Paul dive into a vat of micro-brews and get heated over the topic, while Paul throws a few cheap-shots Richie’s way. Hopefully he returns soon, to put Paul in his place.

Podcasts of the Week: Drunken Dorks and Masterdebators

Music by Solvent of Society

Who is your favorite Clinton? Email the damn show, and let us know?

Google’s of the Day: Cigars, George Clinton (Paul’s cousin)

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