Episode 40

Episode 40

A big Milestone for Wisecrakin’ with Winter; we have made it to Episode 40! It has been over a year and we have made more episodes than anticipated.

Today’s guest host is our great legal mind, Richie! Mike and Richie discuss the value of Santa, and finally after 40 shows, we discuss how to get a woman off in under 15 minutes.

Get the list of Mike’s favorite podcasts!

Listen to a new song by Cookie Crotch Nuts

Oh, and since we have Richie on, we talk legal crap and some Bill Cosby!

Will we make it to Episode 50? Email the damn show, and let us know?

Google’s of the Day: Google Cardboard, fake penetration with a cock sock

DISCLAIMER: Wisecrackin’ is not for everyone; please consult your physician before attempting this on your own!
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