Political Paul Returns

Political Paul Returns

Mike is feeling better and back for another episode, with Political Paul Lambie, who virtually returns to the fun house. He starts with a bang, helping listeners understand the difference between MPR and NPR… Listen along for a great explanation!

First up… timing belt issues? Paul is in need of Burnsville towing. Paul gives us an in-depth story about moving on from his classic auto. He shares the current advances in technology related to automobile purchasing… thanks for that breaking news!

Now to politics… Political Paul covers the 2016 Presidential election. Mike and Paul dive deep into the race for the Republican nomination, discussing Trump’s classic “scare” tactics, and Ted “Dildo” Cruz’s chance of catching the “The Donald”

They dive into terrorism, extremists, and gun control. They touch on mass shooting numbers, and Trump’s ideas to remedy the situation.

Paul makes an attempt to cover the Big G Spot for “The Big G”, with a captivating report about Aaron Favre and the Packers comeback against the Lions. Paul believes a “brushing” is not against the rules. He was pissed, since he became a Chicago fan when Minnesota left for Dallas, and can’t stand the Packers. Paul gives a deep review about the Colts; don’t miss it! Paul also gave his picks for NFL week 13. Get in your hot tub and travel back to make your picks BEFORE the games.

Political Paul and Mike get into non-gambling with FanDuel. They discuss peer pressure by Nistler, and Paul’s winnings over the last two years. Mike has won $2, but Paul teaches you how to win more!

Enjoy the show!

Google’s of the Day: Anything that we can use in place of Paul’s humor!, Things Paul wants to plug.

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