Hoosier Girl with an IQ

Hoosier Girl with an IQ

He’s not Minnesota Nice! Mike keeps it real, so he welcomes a guest from the Hoosier state to help discuss this controversial stereotype. Our most important guest ever… Hoosier Girl Sara, our first sober female to join the show, provides the cleanest episode yet.

Hoosier Girl gives us the low-down about “Minnesota Nice”, or as Mike likes to call it… “Minnesota Fake”!!! She helps Mike clear up “Minnesota Nice”: Nice is Polite, and Polite is NOT Genuine! That’s what our guest from Indiana thinks about Minnesota… Sounds about right! FYI, Hoosier Girl loves the West Coast, but she thinks they are different.

Next up, Mike and Hoosier Girl discuss the family four pack of tickets that she found to attend the Janet Jackson concert; a far cry from the tickets that Mike’s better half purchased. The best part, it cost $32 and she has not listened to the new album. Bank account efficiency!

Hoosier Girl and Mike dive deep into planning and organizational skills, which sounds like a yawner. However, we learn how that leads to bowling and Mike owing beer on a weekly, or bi-weekly basis… as Hoosier Girl calls it, Mike’s a basic bitch when it comes to bowling!

Hoosier Girl makes sure to inform us that Mike loves Big Brother, and Mike claims that is the only reality show he watches. Not true! Don’t let him fool you; Mike also watches… drum roll please… Dance Moms! We also learn that she is a celebrity gossip fanatic. Hoosier Girl informs us about Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson, Celine Dion, Jared Fogle, and TLC.

And finally, we get our weekly dose of sports. Hoosier Girl discusses the Colts, and how the Patriots are cheaters, especially Tom Brady. Of course we talk about that, because all Colts fans cry about the Patriots. We are certain that Sara subtract Paul, equals Hoosier Girl plus Tom Brady.

Once again, best of health to Jerry Kill!

Enjoy the show, and for those Android users out there, it’s about time you figure it out… Unless your name is Chris LaMotte, because he knows what he is doing. If you still have yet to figure it out, we will soon be listed in Google Play Music! That should make your life that much easier!

Google’s of the Day: Kendra on Top, Dance Moms, Hookah

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