The Big G Spot Returns

The Big G Spot Returns

He’s back! The Big G returns for another installment of The Big G Spot.

Returning from an eventful summer, The Big G Spot has some big news! The Cubs were cloned! Something fishy happened; someone stole the Cubs from the first two playoff series and inserted impostors. Not sure if they were bought out, or if they were just the backups dressed in the starters uniforms. The Big G spot has been to the Cubs games during spring training and when they travel to the Twin Cities. So, it seems like the Big G is becoming a full fledged Cubs fanatic.

Tailgating history: Who started the phenomenon? The Big G spot uncovers the history… The Minnesota Golden Gophers fans invented tailgating. Not sure if that’s correct, but from what our i-team found, it started during the Civil War. Maybe the first Big G spot report came from the Battle of Bull Run.

Big G’s “The Big G Spot Bucket List” does not include going to the Super Bowl, even if the Vikings make it. However, the Big G would spend a max of $1 to go to Madonna (listen for the hesitation), or $400 to go to game 7 of the World Series.

The Big Spot analyzes the Minnesota Vikings, and tells you why they won, or why Detroit actually lost the game. If the Lions had Domincan Shoe, they may have stopped Teddy and the Vikes. Next he tells you all about the Raiders… well, maybe not. The Giants will go nowhere.

In this weeks Big G Spot pick ’em segment, Big G covers our need for science on the show. He discusses altitude and breathing. Next, he picks the Colts, because this is the week of upsets. Check out the rest of Big G’s NFL set up week picks.

The Big G Spot also has the World Series pick… listen and learn. $10 is on the line!

On a sad note, we would like to send our condolences to the family of Flip Saunders. One of the best coaches in Minnesota sports history!

Best wishes to Jerry Kill!

Enjoy the show, and for those Android users out there, it’s about time you figure it out… Unless your name is Chris LaMotte, because he knows what he is doing.

Google’s of the Day: Tailgate History / Chicago Cubs last Championship

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