Two Girls One Pizzle

Two Girls One Pizzle

Well… Now we’ve done it! Mike and his #1 guest, J Pizzle, talk all about Madonna. With the help of Kirty, “the Wife”, they pretend to talk about ticket prices, but actually debate who is the actual Queen of Pop. Pizzle and Kirty take control of the show and discuss gift bags, eye contact, and washed out 80’s superstars.

The show takes many twists and turns, but most notable is that we learn Kirty’s love for Nine Inch Nails.

We also get to learn about 9 year old Pizzle’s love for Eve Cigarettes, and how he was educated about the birds and the bees.

Check out Mike’s update on the Bill Cosby scandal; you don’t want to miss it.

*** Listen for the pussy getting diddled around 25 minutes into the show… good timing ***

Enjoy the show, and for those Android users out there, it’s about time you figure it out… Unless your name is Chris LaMotte, because he knows what he is doing.

Google’s of the Day: The Jets / Eve Cigarettes

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