Blue Ball Golf Weekend

Blue Ball Golf Weekend

It’s time again for Mike’s annual golf trip to Breezy Point Resort! It’s your lucky day, because Mike is car pooling with a couple of quick witted geniuses who love to talk about their sex lives… or lack there of!

So, listen to the insults, excuses, and blatant lies that spew from the big mouths of our two captive guests, on this three hour excursion to kick off the golf weekend.

Make sure to stay tuned for a bonus track from the worst bar band in America, at the end of the show!

Enjoy the ride, and for those Android users out there, it’s about time you figure it out… Unless your name is Chris LaMotte, because he knows what he is doing.

Google’s of the Day: Breezy Point Resort, Piss Porn, Bill Burr’s Podcast

DISCLAIMER: Wisecrackin’ is not for everyone; please consult your physician before attempting this on your own!
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