Minnesota State Fair with Mike

Minnesota State Fair with Mike

First thing on the list… advertising! Who doesn’t want to start a show listening to Mike pimping out his DJ company, and his brother-in-law’s towing company? It’s great, because we needed to fill time this week.

The topic of the day, the Minnesota State Fair aka The Great Minnesota Get Together, was a great time for Mike.
Minnesota State Fair Mistake #1: He loved the parking, because it’s simple and convenient! Instead of parking at the fair, Mike and the fam decided to take a park n ride from St. Paul.
Minnesota State Fair Mistake #2: Mike lets us know about proper bus etiquette, and let’s an odorous gentleman and his lap dog sit next to him. He learned all about UW River Falls life.
Minnesota State Fair Mistake #3: Sky Ride time! $12 a head, for 4 blocks of extreme entertainment!
Minnesota State Fair Mistake #4: Bring up Stuart Smalley, the movie
Minnesota State Fair Mistake #5: Rides in the Midway… Safest operation at the Minnesota State Fair!
Minnesota State Fair Mistake #6: Grandstand shopping! The best junk market in the midwest!

Follow along with Mike as he covers what NOT to do at the Minnesota State Fair! His experience, which is the same as everyone else, will tell you how to NOT enjoy the fair.

Enjoy the show, and for those Android users out there, figure it out… Unless your name is Chris LaMotte, because he knows what he is doing.

Google’s of the Day: The Letter F, Great Minnesota Get Together, Bill Burr’s Podcast

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