Summer Recap with Richie

Summer Recap with Richie

Mike and his guest, Richie Barrister, are back to recap the summer, but thanks to Richie’s new found love for bulk shopping, he could not make it to Mike’s Funhouse Studio! Thanks to a certain Apple product, Richie still made it on the show, and he is ready for a good laugh!

Richie tells all about his secret use of Mayo and Oatmeal… don’t miss out, he calls it the “Jackhammer”! This leads into his summer recap of Costco shopping, and listening to Wisecrackin’ with Winter podcasts!

Richie’s favorite stories are brought back in this summer recap special…

Mike gives a summer recap about boating, with the royal family of Prior Lake, and the latest prop damage (which would not have occurred if the wife was at the wheel).

Deb is back, and now she gets on Mike about hitting rocks in the lake!

They discuss the “Big G”‘s Windy City trip, and Mike’s attempt to call in a “kill order”, for his dog, over the phone.

An added bonus, Mike takes a stroll down memory lane to his days at Brown College, with his mentor “Homeless” Jim. Mike describes his vocal training and teaches Richie how to not speak “Minnesotan”!

Enjoy the show, and for those Android users out there, figure it out… Unless your name is Chris LaMotte, because he knows what he is doing.

Google’s of the Day: click here for best uses of a big tub of Mayo, bowling tips to beat your kid, Bill Burr’s Podcast

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