Riding the Rails with the “Big G”

Riding the Rails with the “Big G”

Today we welcome back our favorite guest…

With a special “Big G Spot” live from the Windy City, we have the “Big G” finally back on the show!

riding the boat with the Big G
Find the Big G Spot… Look close!

Mike gets an ear full about his Dad’s trip to Chicago. The “Big G” decided that “riding the rails” was a smart choice… only if you want to spend some extra time at the St. Paul train depot. Riding the train is no longer a top choice in the “Big G’s” book. Hear all about his delay, and his threat to urinate on the platform.

Once the “Big G” got to Chicago, the trip was a blast! Boat tours, sex talk with strangers, stair climbing, and the Cubbies! BING, BANG, BING!

And that brings us to the sports report… The “Big G” catches us up on the current standings in the Major Leagues, the Twins shortstop situation, and participation medals. Check out the “Big G’s” insight into “doing nothing for something”… Dad’s should just go out and buy the trophies and save money on league fees!

Live on the show today, and riding the coat tails of her Gramps (the “Big G”), we get an extra special report from Emma about participation medals… “DUMB!”


Enjoy the show, and for those Android users out there, it may seem as painful as riding the train, but after the first time it will be as easy as riding a bike… Unless your name is Chris LaMotte, because he knows what he is doing.

Google’s of the Day: public urination, millennial work ethics, Bill Burr’s Podcast

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