Ranting + Raving + the Prom Queen

Ranting + Raving + the Prom Queen

Mike is on a rampage… and Deb had it coming! Mike is ranting and raving today, about many topics, but Deb the store clerk knows all about Mike, and he let her know more. Tom Brady and his balls are on the docket, but the rest of sports are BORING! Major League Baseball trades just don’t cut it. There just was not much to talk about, so Mike even mentioned his new favorite movie, All This Mayhem.

Mike’s ranting about him, but is going to vote Donald Trump for President! Just write it down now, he is raving for Donald Trump!

Mike is all about up-selling! Get your smokes, lighter, and ashtray all at the “One Stop Shop”! STOP!!! Just let me get what I want, and let me get out the door with out wasting my time!

Then there was the day Mike supported the VANS WARPED TOUR ’15, and chauffeured some of the “artists” around town…
Riff Raff, who only wanted Red Lobster…
Another guy that had to call his mom for permission to talk to Mike… NOPE
and then came I Killed The Prom Queen… Listen and enjoy!  Thanks again to the guys from I Killed The Prom Queen —> Check out their new album “Beloved”!

Morning shows are done… Radio is over… Listen to Podcasts! Give it a try!

Google’s of the Day: Horst Simco, Tri-Hairatops, Bill Burr’s Podcast

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