Rockfest USA 2015

Rockfest USA 2015

After a week off, Mike returns with his recap of Rockfest USA 2015! Follow Mike and his band of merry men, Paul Lambie (previous guest on the show) and Patrick “Woody” Wood (member of Mike’s Vegas trip entourage), to Oshkosh, WI.

Mike give’s his review of some of the acts at Rockfest USA, with special appreciation for Lynard Skynard! Get the ratings and info about all the acts that Mike can remember seeing at Rockfest USA!

It’s a short show today, but we have a special taping of Paul Lambie and his take on the show!

Early in the morning, or maybe middle of the afternoon, during one of the show dates (it all blurs together, but the PBR, Miller, and all other drinks of choice made it a great time), Paul gives his deep thoughts about confederate flag sales at Rockfest USA! Paul puts a whooping on the rebel flag, or so it sounds?

Pat jumps into the mix with his take on his odds at “woo-ing” the women of Rockfest USA!

Follow the gang down the dark and lonely path to their sweet motor home, while they discuss cheese curds, white-trash, and “Wisconsin-nice”!

Google’s of the Day: David Coverdale’s plastic surgery, Rockfest USA, Boxkar from Appleton WI

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