Confederate Flag Controversy

Confederate Flag Controversy

It’s a big day on the show… Time to get controversial and discuss the Confederate Flag. We have a Civil War expert on the show!

Other than the Confederate Flag, we have nothing else…
Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup… yippee
Even better… Shark attacks galore!
More importantly… New York Prison escapee situation is resolved, thanks to the prison seamstress screwing up her role in the plan.

Back to the big topic of the show… The Confederate Flag…
Our guest Brandon, is a Civil War expert from Tennessee, and gives us the lowdown about the original meaning and usage of the flag (Not the way the KKK and the Duke brothers used it).

<<< Brandon obviously has plenty of time to listen to Mike’s Forrest Gump references >>>

We get a good education about how the current usage is far from the original usage, and how the flag is supported by some in all different age groups and ethnic groups.
Mike and Brandon discuss flags removed from the State Capitol grounds and where they can still be found.
Retailers are removing the flag from their shelves, but is it too far, or is it too little too late? Brandon has some answers!

Learn about your Minnesota Civil War history from Brandon… The war may have gone a different way, if not for the Minnesotans in the war! Brandon will let you know what would happen if the war took a different turn and the Confederate Flag stood.

Get out your old Duke’s of Hazzard lunch box, hop in your Mudding Truck and listen to the show!

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