Youth Sports are Out of Control

Youth Sports are Out of Control

It’s Tuesday! Nope, it’s Wednesday… Just wanted to let you know that we will someday get back on track with getting shows back up on Monday.

We hope you had a great Father’s Day, and on that note, the Big G wanted to pass along his best wishes and big Bing Bang Bing! He is talking a little time off to enjoy the summer, and he really doesn’t care about the show!

To start, we are going to celebrate the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup, since we are originally from Chicago and have major ties to the Windy City. Wait, nope, Mike’s just a flip-flopper!

The “meat” of the show: Youth Sports…
Mike and his expert guest, George, discuss the needs for coaching kids 9 years of age and under.
1) Do we need ’em? Not according to Mike.
2) George is one of the few straight wrestlers in the state of Minnesota.
3) George is a youth sports coach, and he knows the facts…
4) Parents are the destruction of youth sports. They are all delusional that their kid will make the pros!

George discusses the ups and downs of coaching and the parents that sit over his shoulder. Mike and his guest discuss youth sports clinics and camps… are they helpful, or a waste of time at a young age?

Mike breaks down the cost of kids dance and how there are 7 National Champions.  How does that work? It doesn’t!  It is just another way for the dance and sports world to manipulate our wallets.

*** This is the second show that Mike references “Dance Mom’s”.  Obviously it is his favorite show! ***

After you drop your kid off at sports camp, pull your Ferrari off to the side of the road, download the show from your favorite podcast app, and get the inside scoop on youth sports!

Google’s of the Day: McMansions, “Dance Mom’s”, George’s underwear: a Singlet

DISCLAIMER: Wisecrackin’ is not for everyone; please consult your physician before attempting this on your own!
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