Raging on the River

Raging on the River

Today’s show sets sail on the Minnesota river with the wife and kid, and Mike’s brother-in-law, Eric, and his family.

Mike spends some time blabbing about NHL Final game 6, and predicted a cup win for the Blackhawks. That’s all anyone else wants to talk about that. He quickly jumps to Lebron James and the injury riddled Cavs. Is Lebron one of the best ever? Mike believes so, and offers his insight as to why it is the case!

Speaking of the Minnesota river, Emma will tell you all what’s up… Shut up and realize that its beaches are the Hawaii of the midwest. Oh, and stay away from Prior Lake; it’s an annoying place to boat. No relaxation, and no where to go!

Speaking of Family…. Our #1 fan, Eric, fills you in about the ups of the Minnesota river, and the downs of lake boating. Do you make six figures? If so, you are ready for lake life, but if not… They don’t want you!

Hockey boating or Banana boating? Eric will fill you in about his great experience with this event! All we will say is don’t hit kids with your boat.

Eric also gives his recommendations for finding your perfect boat, but don’t follow his advice on which football team is best.

While cruisin’ the riv, make sure to “wrap it up” and listen to the podcast!

Google’s of the Day: Miami Vice, jack plates, CCM

DISCLAIMER: Wisecrackin’ is not for everyone; please consult your physician before attempting this on your own!
Wisecrackin’ with Winter is sponsored by: Minnesota Superior Sound and Burnsville Towing

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