Family Boating and the Big G

Family Boating and the Big G

Today’s show is about family, and as Mike says, “One of the BEST shows I ever did!” So, you need to sit back on the bus, in your car, in your office, or with your Family, and enjoy it!

Mike spends some time with the Family, while boating, and well, being a Family. His wife is driving the boat…. Oh snap! Bi-Curious George doesn’t think that’s a good idea!

Speaking of Family…. The Big G Returns, with another Big G Spot, including the NHL Final, baseball, and the upcoming NBA draft. Listen for your next success at the Vegas sports books!

Make sure that you and your Family rush to your favorite podcast provider and listen to the entire show for Mike’s “BEST show ever”!

Google’s of the Day: Bi-Curious George, Moms on boats, Go Lightning!

DISCLAIMER: Wisecrackin’ is not for everyone; please consult your physician before attempting this on your own!
Wisecrackin’ with Winter is sponsored by: Minnesota Superior Sound and Burnsville Towing

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