Rush Hour Rager from the UK

Rush Hour Rager from the UK, with Johnny Pizzle

Today’s show starts with your favorite host, Mike Winter, live on the scene during afternoon rush hour. He provides a brief news recap of South Dakota weather, and his disgust with deflate gate. Mike finishes his opener with a comedy stint that brings your drinking habits to the forefront.

Mike’s guest host today is the famous Johnny Pizzle, back from a hop over the pond to London. Just in case you didn’t catch it, the flight was roughly eight hours, again, 8 hours. He is not a fan of American Airlines and their interpretation of lay-flat seating, also known as laying on the floor. But… he loves British Airways and their personal entertainment consoles.

Johnny’s London highlights:
1) Sleeping on the Tube
– Be aware of jet lag.
2) Benny Hill marathons
– Yes, they exist, and that’s all he did during the day.
3) Live TV Russian Roulette (only during 2am showings)
– Johnny lost big time, but enjoyed playing against Bill Cosby.
4) Scones
– Johnny loves some creme in his mouth.
5) The birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana
– Johnny was live in the delivery room.

Johnny was in London for ten pound burgers and to cast his vote for the new British Prime Minister. Mike had no concern about that and was in a rush to know everything about the British monetary structure. That’s what this show is all about; your home for hearing the Queen “make it rain”.

Johnny also enlightens us with his trip to watch the Harry Potter shows in the Theatre District of London’s West End. His favorite part about the shows were the versions he caught in the red light district.

Make sure to rush to your favorite podcast provider and listen to the entire show for Johnny’s London recap!

Google’s of the Day: British TV Casinos, USD/GPD exchange rate, Daniel Radcliffe, Teen Beach Movie 2 (the best sequel ever)

DISCLAIMER: Wisecrackin’ is not for everyone; please consult your physician before attempting this on your own!
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