Things that Drive Me Nuts!

Things that Drive Me Nuts!

plus The Big G Spot

The host today, as usual, is not you! Of course, it’s Mike Winter! Today’s episode is a lone ranger effort by Mike, as nobody would be a guest for the day. So, the best part of the show is that you will not have to listen too long!

Mike has a hot list of things that drive him nuts.
Thing 1) Receipts –> who needs them anymore?
Thing 2) Dogs, Cats, and their helicopter “parents” –> Parents? Are you the one that gave birth to your pet?
Thing 3) Vets are a scam – are you the next “mark”?
Thing 4) Donkeys

On The Big G Spot, BING, BANG, BING!, Big G discusses the May/Pac fight, liked the win by Mayweather, and lets everyone know that Pacquiao should have postponed the fight to rehab his shoulder. He also picks boxers to beat any wrasslers that hop in the ring with them. The Big G discusses the best things about boxing: Rocky Graziano, Sonny Liston, and G’s 0-fer boxing record.

The next thing on The Big G’s list is his rundown of the final standings in the AL Central. Spoiler Alert: White Sox are the worst team. Back to boxing; the Big G likes the prospects of the Kansas City Royals against Pacquiao.

Last thing for the Big G is discussing the Minnesota Vikings, their draft picks, and the latest on Adrian Peterson.

On more thing: Enjoy the special interview at the end of the show!

Google’s of the Day: Wrasslin’, Crank Calls, Penis Pumps

DISCLAIMER: Wisecrackin’ is not for everyone; please consult your physician before attempting this on your own!
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