An Uber Family Social

An Uber Family Social

The Richie Barrister Story continues…

Richie is back… Live from the “Sticks”, your host, Mike, and Richie Barrister discuss Social Media, Uber, and Parenting.

The hot topic right from the start is the social fantasyland called Facebook, where your family and friends can “de-friend” you with one click. Mike provides a couple of stories where family, and former friends, “de-friend” and troll his Facebook posts. Richie warned Mike about the pitfalls of social media, and Mike has now learned his lesson!

After a healthy social media rant, Mike and Richie discuss Uber. (Use code 0o2d2 for a discount on your first ride)
Mike explains the way the service works and his experiences with a few female passengers. His ride is like a beauty salon; feel free to divulge all your secrets and take your pants off in his van! Mike also shares how he pisses off cabbies, and how Paul Lambie scams them.

Richie brings up a parenting and family life. He discusses how parents need to schedule maintenance intercourse, and how it will help the happiness in your relationship. Make sure to chart your “sessions” on social media. Mike explains how the Big G would have been okay with taking a “switch” to “childhood Mike”. Mike and Richie also discuss the structure of happy families… Tater tot hot dish while having some good old fashioned “me-time”! Listen for more tips to make your kids perfect, until they hit their teens.

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