Mike and our guest, Paul Lambie, dive into the controversial news in Indiana regarding the RFRA Law and the revisions put in place by the Indiana Governor. Paul is NOT an expert in Theology, or really any other topic, but knows all about how Indiana is using RFRA to make a much needed move to be a fully uneducated religious state, while doing its best to shut down pay for construction workers so the roads in and out fall apart. This is a major move for Indiana to secede from the United States to become a land-locked independent state, similar to Vatican City. We don’t want them anyway!

Paul helps Mike break down the how the NCAA and other major entities are threatening to pull their big events due to the RFRA issues, while they reminisce over out-dated musical acts that can only keep alive by playing the free concert series at White River State Park. Make sure to follow along with Mike as he reminds us all about the best thing to come from Indiana: Hoosiers! (Not the college team, but the heart-warming family film)

Next on the docket is the 2016 Presidential race. Mike goes rapid-fire with Paul to find out the current leader of the pack… Is it the Doctor of Funk, or Mayor McCheese and his sidekicks Hamburglar, Grimace, and The Fry Guys? Paul knows who makes it from of McDonaldland to the top seat as POTUS. Get the inside track about all the favorites, and the unknowns: “The ginger”, “The guy with a gals name”, and some other boring white guys.

Google’s of the Day: Confederate States of America, Jimmy Chitwood, Sarah Palin and her illegitimate kids

DISCLAIMER: Wisecrackin’ is not for everyone; please consult your physician before attempting this on your own!
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